Dr Phase phaser plugin adds a groovy pulse to your tracks

Image Credit: Audiority

Audiority’s psychedelic analogue phaser plugin Dr Phase isn’t just for guitar. Download it for free and see!

Dr Phase is a free plugin VST, VST2, AU and AAX for MacOS and Windows. It recreates the iconic 1970s Jim Dunlop MXR Phase 90 phaser pedal. Now you can get the pulsing, shimmering tone of the classic orange box in your DAW.

The phaser pedal is traditionally associated with guitar. Audiority’s plugin means you don’t need a physical pedal, just add the phaser plugin to your guitar recording.

The beauty of the free plugin is you can try it out on whatever instrument you fancy, whether that’s synth or drums or beyond, to create interesting effects.

Dr Phase creates a flanger-like pulsing, the frequency of which you can mess with using the speed knob. There’s cool little touches like a Vintage Mode for even groovier ‘70s vibes.

The pedal is easy to use – a simple switch turns the plugin off and on. You can manage presets and set parameters in the Toolbar and enable oversampling with the HQ button.

Find out more and grab your free plugin from Audiority here.

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