The largest study of consumer connections “based on emotions” with brands has revealed the most personable music streaming service.

A new study from MBLM shows that Spotify is the most loved brand in ‘Apps and Social Platforms’, ahead of Apple Music and all over social websites. Apple Music sits in third behind them, an increase in emotional connection from users since last year when it fell to last place.

The study, which touts itself as the largest study of brands “based on emotions” by customers, looked at a variety of aspects to gauge the results. Three different music streaming services made the top ten of the category for Apps and Social Platforms. Pandora was third in sixth place, where it has moved down since last year.

The study looked at nearly 400 brands and how 6,200 consumers of varying ages across the United States, Mexico and the United Arab Emirates relate to them. Rather than on popularity or even functionality of the product, their report looks at brand intimacy – meaning how customers actually connect with the brand itself.

The number one ‘Most Intimate’ brand in their 2020 was found to be Amazon, up from last year whilst Disney move down to second. Whilst Apple Music is below Spotify in it’s category, the overall Apple brand was also third – but third out of every brand measured.

Of course, this rank varies between demographics and Generation Z were found that just under 50% of the youngsters felt an immediate emotional connection with Spotify. The music streaming service was closely beaten out by Xbox for the age range.

You can view MBLM’s table of apps and social platforms and see the full report here.