This weekend on Fortnite they’re having an ‘Astronomical’ event with Travis Scott and for a brief grace period YouTuber’s can earn money from videos of his performances.

In a very unique move, Epic Games are allowing a grace period for copyrighted music in their upcoming event. The event sees a bunch of new items and challenges launch in their hit Fortnite game.

The huge musical event will feature 5 performances from Travis Scott on Friday and Saturday, separated for different time zones. Of course YouTube and Fortnite are like bread and butter with gamers uploading videos of their gameplay with millions of viewers tuning in to watch their games.

To handle the issue of copyrighted music which will be included in the ‘Astronomical’ event this weekend Epic Games are holding copyright claims for 30 days from April 23rd. This means that YouTubers can make money from any videos using the performances or audio until the 23rd of May, after which they will lose the rights and no longer earn revenue from it.

Epic Games say:

We’ve worked with our partners to ensure that content creators can share this one-of-a-kind experience with their communities. You should be able to stream, make videos, and share across all platforms from April 23rd – May 23rd, without copyright claims or demonetization on content from the Astronomical experience.

After that 30 day window has passed, your video will be demonetized, but no strikes or takedowns should be issued. To ensure you can share your video content as safely as possible, we suggest you include ‘TRAVIS SCOTT’ in the title of your videos. If you receive a Copyright Strike prior to May 23rd on Astronomical videos, please appeal the claim directly with the rights holders.

The event takes place Friday 24th and Saturday 25th this weekend around the world on Fortnite. It will be the biggest musical event hosted by the game since Marshmello performed in-game last year – attracting 10.7 million players.