High-Fidelity music and karaoke come to Apple TV with Deezer’s shiny new app for music, discovery, and mood-based playlists.

Deezer have just launched their Apple TV app. Bringing their music streaming service to Apple’s TV dongle and service comes with a bunch of special features offered by Deezer.

Empower your karaoke nights with Deezer’s lyrics screens, available through their Apple TV app for singing along to live. You can also ensure the best quality of experience thanks to the Deezer’s HiFi offerings which are available through their new app.

Key Deezer features are also available through the app. This includes Deezer Flow, their AI powered playlist for finding the perfect mood and genre based on how you’re feeling and the music you like to listen to.

It’s a surprising partnership for Apple, who are strong one exclusivity. Their promotion of music on Apple TV very much centres around using Apple Music, so Deezer’s app launch is a significant one.

The app is available exclusively for Deezer Premium, Deezer Family, and Deezer Student subscribers.

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