With one simple step you can reach 3x the audience with your music, using the influence of YouTube Shorts.

There are over 2 billion music fans on YouTube. That’s according to YouTube’s global head of music Lyor Cohen, who is touting YouTube Shorts as an amazing place for artists to get discovered.

YouTube Shorts tripled the average artist’s audience of unique viewers in January 2024, according to Cohen. This is an incredible boost in viewership which offers huge potential for discovery by new fans.

He also found that artists who post Shorts weekly see 60% of their new subscribers coming from that content alone. With Shorts averaging 70 billion daily views from over 2 billion logged-in users a month, there is a massive source of viewership that has the potential to translate into listeners of music.

To boost music’s place in Shorts and give artists even more reach, last week YouTube announced a new Remix feature. Shorts creators will now be able to create videos from music videos, adding the video and music into the background of their Shorts or taking video to go side-by side with it.

There are two ways in which artists can make use of YouTube Shorts:

  • Adding your music to Shorts: Upload your music to YouTube’s content library and any creators can use your songs in their videos. This is great way to reach listeners beyond your audience and even offers the potential to go viral in a hot Shorts trend. You can upload unlimited releases to the Shorts library for free at www.routenote.com.
  • Becoming a creator: Boost your artist presence on YouTube and create your own Shorts. This can be anything from song snippets, to behind the scenes content, to just a bit of fun. Here’s a fun piece of content that shows what you can do as an artist to gather viewers.

Getting discovered is easier than ever with huge, open platforms full of viewers and listeners waiting to find your content. Creating and releasing regularly is the best strategy to start getting heard and making an impact – on your way to building a powerful audience of dedicated fans.

There is more potential than ever before to reach new listeners with open platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. It can, however, seem overwhelming as to how you make that jump with billions of potential listeners waiting. It all starts with putting your content on these platforms.

At RouteNote, you can upload your music to streaming services like Spotify and add your songs to content libraries on YouTube Shorts and TikTok for the chance to feature in user-created content. You can upload unlimited releases at no cost, making money with every stream and use of your song.

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