Virtual Reality concerts are coming, with Universal and Avenged Sevenfold’s new VR platform

Virtual reality headsets are quickly going beyond gaming to create art experiences, development tools, 3D short films, and now VR live music concerts.

Universal Music Group have revealed that they’re working with metal group Avenged Sevenfold to launch a new VR gig platform – VTRGO VR. With the platform users can experience the concert up close and personal, in 3D without even leaving their home.

To celebrate the launch of their new platform Avenged Sevenfold will be streaming a live concert of theirs in 360° VR so that fans with virtual reality headsets can watch from home and get as close to the real experience without being there. The gig will also be streamed by VRLIVE to 50 Samsung Gear VR headsets at the event.

VRLIVE’s founder and CEO, Heiner Lippman said: “We are excited about our partnership with Universal Music Group as it gives us the opportunity to provide the viewing audience with unprecedented levels of access. Virtual Reality is destined to change the media landscape, which will enable users to not just view entertainment, rather, it allows them to experience it, and VRLIVE will continue to transform how people view and interact with the world around them.

Whilst of course watching a gig through a screen isn’t as good as the real thing, even when you’re watching it through Nokia’s OZO VR-dedicated camera, it provides massive opportunities. We all want to see our favourite bands live but it can be expensive, sometimes timing doesn’t work out, maybe it’s too far away; a number of things can make you miss a concert you want to see and VR gives you another chance to experience it. Another unique advantage is, assuming VR concerts kick off, in the future when younger generations want to see our classic artists they can put on a headset and feel like they were there… or here?

Universal Music Group announced at the beginning of this year that they planned to start doing VR concerts and it seems they’re starting to move seriously into virtual gigs now. Who would you like to see play live in Virtual Reality?

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