Convergence brings you powerful mastering with up to 10 bands of compression and up to 4 for free!

This premium plugin offers studio quality mastering with up to 10 bands of powerful and versatile compression. What’s greatest is that you can download the plugin and use up to 4 bands for free

Convergence uses crossover filters with -6dB gain at the crossover frequency that sum together to create a perfectly flat frequency response.  These -6dB crossovers also introduce the least amount of phase shift possible while still being low on CPU usage. The compressors are designed to have a digital feel to their attack and release timing to be as precise as possible.

Convergence comes with several displays that are fine tuned to help you visualize what effect your tweaks have on the incoming audio.  The main display is a spectral analyzer with controls to adjust the crossovers for each band. This allows you to easily dial in the frequencies based on which frequencies are most prominent.  Each band also has an envelope display, a compression display, and a gain reduction display.

The envelope display helps give you an idea of how attack and release times will affect the compression.  The compressor display shows how the threshold and ratio controls will affect the compression as well by graphing input versus output levels. Finally the gain reduction display shows input levels and output levels over time so that you can easily see transients and how they are being affected by the compressor.

Download the free version or purchase the full 10 bands for $45 here.