YouTube is live streaming Coachella 2023, but what’s different about this year? Viewers can immerse themselves in the entire festival!

It was announced yesterday that YouTube would be, for the 11th time, live-streaming the proceedings of Coachella festival. Both weekends will be covered, with an exciting update. Previously, the live stream only included 3 stages. The Coachella 2023 live stream will feature all 6 stages across the event.

Last year was YouTube’s tenth year broadcasting California’s biggest music festival. This marked the festival’s glorious comeback after being cancelled three times due to Covid-19. This year’s event kicks off on the 14th of April at 7pm ET, running until the 16th. This festival is then resumed on the 21st at the same time for the second weekend.

Going forward, we can expect YouTube to continue to stream Coachella to the masses for years to come. In fact, earlier this year YouTube revealed it will be livestreaming the festival exclusively until at least 2026.

How to tune into Coachella 2023

Also based in sunny California, YouTube announced it would be heading out to the desert once again in a blog post. The company said: “This year we will be live-streaming Coachella from more stages than ever before with 6 feeds in action (double the amount from last year) across both weekends! Whether you’re watching from home, abroad, or at parties with friends, anyone can tune into Coachella’s YouTube Channel, pick a stage, and watch the performances happening live with the rest of the fans.”

For those who are unable to tune in live, all festival sets will be available on repeat after the night’s final performance. These will be accessible until fresh acts start up again the following afternoon at 7pm ET.

If you wanted to look back over the highlights, the most stand-out moments will be made available on demand after the festival takes place. Music fans can watch these for free on YouTube, and relive those electric evenings in the desert.

More perks for fans at home

Not everyone can make the trip to one of the world’s most popular music festivals. If this is you – it’s not all doom and gloom! You can still enjoy the festival from the comfort of your own, and then some.

Last year, fans at home could interact with the festival in exciting ways. A Coachella-dedicated live chat enabled fellow “couchella”-goers to chat with one another. YouTube Premium users could virtually attend pre-parties, whilst YouTube Shopping integrations let people snap up cool new merch.

For Coachella 2023, there are more special extras to help you get in on the action from your armchair. Fans can expect:

  • Sneak peeks on YouTube Shorts – Interactive experiences on the Shorts platform mean audiences can help build set lists for the global star, Calvin Harris. There will also be loads of exclusive footage from other big names on the lineup, including Alan Chikin Chow, Lexi Hensler, and Amelia DiMoldenberg.
  • Exclusive merch drops – YouTube has partnered with Coachella to produce and drop exclusive merch. Buy cool items directly from the livestream,  and through YouTube Shorts on Coachella’s channel via YouTube Shopping.
  • Pre-parties are back – Get a glance at the goings-on backstage. Discover what artists’ pre-show rituals are, how they choose set lists, and what music gets them pumped. Pre-parties unlock the mysterious and exciting areas not usually open to the public.

Don’t miss a thing at Coachella

With total coverage of the festival, YouTube invites you to be part of the fun. There are only 10 days left until Coachella 2023 kicks off.

YouTube will share the latest and greatest Shorts, backstage photos and more all weekend long, live from the festival grounds. To catch all of this, be sure to follow @YouTubeMusic on Instagram and Twitter. Look out for the hashtag #CoachellaOnYouTube!

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