CapCut are refreshing the brand of their creative branch and launching powerful new AI tools to create with.

CapCut are rebranding Dreamina, their creative sub-brand, as Jimeng on the Chinese market. The new branding coincides with the launch of powerful new AI drawing and AI video editing features.

Jimeng aims to revolutionise the creative landscape by empowering users with a suite of intelligent tools. At the core of Jimeng’s functionality lies the ability to transform text descriptions into captivating visuals. Aspiring artists and anyone with a creative spark can leverage AI to bring their artistic ideas to life.

Jimeng’s offerings extend beyond image generation. The platform boasts an innovative “Intelligent Canvas” designed with an interactive interface. This allows users to effortlessly manipulate images, cutting them out, rearranging them, or even generating entirely new visuals based on simple prompts.

For video creators, JImeng presents a whole new way to craft compelling content. Users can generate videos entirely from scratch using text descriptions, letting their imagination run wild. Alternatively, Jimeng can analyse existing images and use them as a springboard to create unique video content through the power of AI.

This goes beyond mere automation; Jimeng’s AI video editing fosters a new era of content creation. Users can expect to experience increased efficiency in their workflow, allowing them to focus on their creative vision rather than getting bogged down in technical details. Jimeng also unlocks a world of possibilities for video diversity, empowering users to create unique and personalised content that stands out from the crowd.

Looking ahead, Jimeng plans to further enrich its offerings with the launch of a “Story Creation” feature. This exciting addition will allow users to leverage AI technology to craft captivating and personalised narratives. The launch of this feature promises to unlock a whole new level of creative storytelling, providing content creators with innovative tools to bring their visions to life.

Jimeng’s suite of AI-powered tools empowers users of all skill levels to embrace their creativity and bring their artistic ideas to life. With the upcoming launch of the “Story Creation” feature, Jimeng is poised to revolutionise the way we express ourselves and craft impactful stories through the power of AI.

CapCut is owned by ByteDance, the company behind TikTok. TikTok announced to measures to track and label content which uses AI this last week. Jimengs new tools may provide a new source of content for TikTok, and their technology updates seem to prepare them to distinguish this from real content created by users.

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