Can I upload music with samples online?

Sampling is basically it’s own instrument and is a vital key in making a lot of producers and beatmakers music what it is. But can you upload music with samples to Spotify, Apple Music, and others?

Sampling music is an art-form in and of itself. Re-working sounds and music into an entirely new context and transforming it into your own new sound is a talent. But no matter how much you edit it, you’ve still used someone else’s content.

That’s why releasing sampled music isn’t as simple as releasing your own music. That doesn’t mean you can’t do it however and with RouteNote, if everything is order then you can upload your music to all of the top music stores and streaming services for free and start making money from your music.

How do I know if I can release my music with samples?

You have to know the origin of any samples you’ve used. If you’ve directly sampled someone else’s music then you need to get permission from the artist or the music’s rightsholders. A license allowing you to sample their music can then be used as proof to distribute your music.

If you’ve downloaded samples online then you need to read the terms of the samples you’ve downloaded. Usually, whether you’ve bought them or gained them for free, samples are made available to musicians and artists to do with what they like – but you have to make sure!

We have more information on working out if your samples are okay to use here as well as a link to the top sites to get samples to use in your music.

Upload your music to the world’s leading services including Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL, Amazon Music, iTunes, Deezer, Tencent, JioSaavn, TikTok, YouTube and many more for free with RouteNote.

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How do I move my music to RouteNote from DistroKid?

If you’re looking to move your music to RouteNote for free distribution or our unbeatable Premium prices then thankfully you can, easily. We pride ourselves on making music distribution easy and painless for artists everywhere…

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