Ableton 8It’s Ableton’s 10th anniversary this year, and to celebrate the fact (and get more people using the r software 🙂 they’re giving a discount of 20% on the Ableton Live 8 [down from 349 to 299 Euros]and Suite 8 [down from 549 to 449 Euros], with other price drops across the rest of their range. If you’ve been putting off a purchase, now might be a good moment to go for it, although if your budget doesn’t quite stretch that far, you can get hold of a new product called Ableton Live Intro, with limited functionality but still allowing 64 tracks and 12 effects for E99.  All you really need is that and an SM57 and you’re ready to record your next stripped down masterpiece for sale via our music distribution service, and it’s so affordable that there’s no excuse for ripping or torrenting it – if everyone downloaded their software and content for free then how would you sell your music?

Sound on Sound reports that “Ableton have also announced the release date for Max for as the 23rd November 2009. Max for Live is designed to bring the power of Cycling 74’s Max/MSP modular programming environment to Live users, allowing them to build their own instruments and effects. Max for Live will be available from the Ableton web shop, at a cost 249 Euros for Live 8 users, and with a discount available for Max/MSP 5 owners. An independent web-group has already appeared for Max for Live at, and was set up by an enterprising electronic musician called Clint, soon after the announcement of Max for Live at Namm in 2008.”