SwellTonesThe Swelltones

Rock/Pop – Norfolk UK
Originally a college band formed by James Granger (Guitar) Lee Ashby (Bass & Bad Jokes) in 1996, The Monty, as they were then called, soon gained momentum performing their brand of Brit pop-rock material at countless venues around the UK. With influences such as The Who, Police and Pink Floyd to name a few, the mainstream classic rock sound that followed brought many fans of all ages. The band changed names on various occasions along with many drummers and keyboard players too. For a year they were known as The Hairy Palm Sundaes, injecting a sense of humour into the set whilst creating a reality rockumentary during one particular tour (yet to raise its head!).

The Band soon found a creative niche with Darren Link (Drums) and Matthew Richards (Mellodian), changed their name to The Swelltones (partly derived from their coastal origins) and developed their characteristic full-on sound, crossing the genre borders with a rock-reggae-punk-funk fusion. They subsequently took to the studio with producer Ross Griggs a.k.a – Billy Unbelievable (Boned) to create the EP Big Fat Fish.

With a busy live schedule and an album in the pipeline for 2010 [EDIT: We look forward to hearing that in moderation 😉 ], you’d better watch out for these guys as they continue to put the fun into funk and rock on and on and on!

Goldfish Bowl