BTS’ Suga calls out labels treatment of artists

Image credit: Big Hit Music

BTS’ Suga has made comments about how labels “see the artist as a product” in a recent interview.

The rapper from BTS has commented on how labels treat artists, saying that pushing them too hard is destroying the music industry. He also commented on how a label can sometimes erode the fun and creativity an artist has. Suga did however praise their label Big Hit Music for “listening to the artist’s opinions.”

During the interview with Weverse Magazine Suga said: “The way artists work seems so difficult.” Continuing: “They make an appearance on a different music show every day once the promotional period begins, meaning the exhaustion artists face is enormous, and that fatigue often results in injuries as it adds up. That kind of music show is for promotional purposes, so it’s not like the artists can earn a proper income from them.”

Suga also commented on there needs to be improvements to how the music industry could and should accommodate artists, from their views to their health. 

One statement he made was particularly interesting: “I think that’s the biggest issue and it’s destroying the industry. If you just see the artist as a product, how can they do anything creative? I really think it’s very contradictory to ask the people on stage to put on an enjoyable performance when they’re experiencing neither fun nor enjoyment.”

This is something that a lot of artists worry about when signing to a major label, a concern that DIY artists and independent artists cite as being a reason why they enjoy operating independently. Although major labels ethics and attitudes may work for some artists, many will feel the pressure is unnecessary and perhaps not helpful to them as an artist. Thankfully, there is a service such as ours that allows you to distribute your music for FREE whilst retaining total control. You keep 85% of your royalties and there are no hidden fees or extra costs. Not to mention that we distribute to all the major streaming platforms across the world, including Apple Music, Melon, Spotify, and more! 

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