Image Credit: BigHit Music

Spotify have discounted almost half of the first 24-hour streams for their chart as fans may have streamed Butter too much.

The latest single from South Korean boy band BTS smashed Spotify’s all-time record for day-one streams, pulling in over 20.9 million plays in the first 24 hours. These streams were generated by 3.4 million unique listeners, which averages out at around 6.14 streams per listener, however Spotify have discounted 9.86 million of these streams for the chart, as some fans seem to have overplayed the new single.

Spotify’s chart rules are based on secret formulas to count legitimate streams. According to a source at MBW, only the first 10 plays on a track by a single user are chart-eligible within each 24 hour period. MBW says all 20.9 million streams are royalty bearing, but only around 11.042 million count towards the public facing numbers that make up their chart. Butter was released last Friday 21st May and one week later sits at 87 million plays on Spotify.

Over on YouTube, Butter has performed equally well, with the music video breaking the first 24-hour views record, previously held by themselves with Dynamite, BTS’ first fully English language single. In August last year, Dynamite pulled in 101.1 million views within 24 hours and over 3 million peak concurrents. For Butter, YouTube have officially verified 108.2 million views within the first 24 hours and 3.9 peak concurrents during the premiere. One week on and the video now sits at over 243 million views.

Record Spotify streams for their latest single is likely in part thanks to Spotify launching in South Korea, BTS’ home country, last February.