image credit: Raphael Nogueira

Spotify is boosting Brazilian artists so much that their presence is growing quicker on the platform than in the country’s music industry.

Brazil is being swept up in a musical streaming revolution that is seeing Latin American music make waves around the world. At the start of the year, Spotify revealed that over 20% of their subscribers were Latin American and the local music is having an influence all over the world.

Spotify has a huge influence on the area in reaching listeners but also sharing the music of Latin America with the world. With a new report highlighting Brazilian artists, we can see how the influence of the music streaming service is shaping Brazil’s music industry.

For a start, they report that the revenue generated by Brazilian artists on Spotify is growing quicker than Brazil’s music industry at large. Brazilian artists generated 27% more revenues in 2023 than in 2022, compared to just 13% revenue growth for Brazil’s music industry – according to data from the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry.

In fact, Brazil’s music has been growing impressively on Spotify for years. Spotify report that Brazilian artists’ revenues have grown 600% since 2017%. It’s just the amount of revenue they’re generating that’s growing, but the number of artists who are earning significant amounts. The number of Brazilian artists earning more than 100,000 BRL (roughly $19,500) has risen by 500% since 2017.

A phenomenal figure reveals that more than 70% of the revenue generated by Brazilian artists went to independent artists and record labels in 2023. This is an astonishing figure that exceeds Spotify’s already impressive claim that independent music accounted for half of Spotify’s revenue in 2023.

Spotify’s Loud & Clear report has been highlighting the powerful influence their platform is having on countries around the world. Amongst many other regions, they have shared region-specific 2023 results for Australia and UK to showcase the growth of independent artists and music streaming at large.

Brazilian artist Anitta talked on Spotify’s influence in her country, saying: “In Brazil, Spotify has become the destination to discover who’s hot, who’s on the rise, and what genres are trending. Spotify is an important part of music culture in Brazil, and artists really celebrate their successes and accomplishments on Spotify. They really understand that it’s a big deal.

“It’s also great to see how Spotify supports new artists. They have a purpose. It’s not just about trying to be the biggest platform. They want to help the culture as well.”

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