Behringer has announced huge price reductions on their synth products after supply chain issues caused prices to jump across the board.

The lack of supply of semi-conductors has been causing manufacturers problems since Covid and other factors disrupted global supply chains. Now, Behringer has announced that they’re dropping prices on all of their synth products thanks to the increase in supply.

The supply of semiconductors, or lack thereof, led manufacturers to increase prices across their synth products. Moog’s prices, for instance, saw some of the highest jumps of all manufacturers. Thankfully, supply chains seem to be getting back on track and prices are falling.

Behringer announce 60% off synth products

As Synth Anatomy reports, Behringer yesterday announced on their Facebook about reducing the prices on all of their synth products by 60%. They state,” [A]s semiconductors become more available and prices come down, we’re able to ramp up production.”

Check out the full statement below.

Up to 60% price reduction on all our synths. As semiconductors become more available and prices come down, we’re able to ramp up production. In line with our promise to share our savings with you, we’re really excited to lower our pricing by up to 60%.Check out prices at our Superpartners’ websites and enjoy the savings. Thank you for all your support and loyalty. You’re the reason why we love what we do.


You can see prices have fallen across all synth products already.

Synth Anatomy notes that the Behringer Eurorack GO case has dropped to $249 from $329, which is actually it’s original release price. Meanwhile, many Eurorack modules have fallen in price while the Roland 100 replicas are available at lower prices too. For instance, the Behringer 130 Dual VCA is now €78 instead of €109, the 305 EQ/Mixer/Output now €85 from €109. Check out Synth Anatomy’s original post for the full break down!

It’s a happy day for synth fans. Prices jumped quite some time ago and we’re still waiting for them to fall across the board. But Behringer are here doing just that, and I know that this will spark some hope in many others like it has me.

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