The Framework 16 is a laptop with customisable modules. Now, music producers can build their own modules and redefine their workflow.

Framework is a company based in California disrupting the electronics market. They’re challenging the status quo that making electronics repairable makes them thicker, heavier, uglier, less robust, and more expensive.

Framework’s products are designed to be repaired and upgraded, and so their designs give you a product that is both environmentally & economically sustainable. and the new Framework 16 promises to live up to this ethos while delivering a professional system that music producers can use in-studio and on the go.

Framework 16 notebook

The new Framework 16″ notebook follows the manufacturers ethos of creating hardware that you can upgrade, repair, and customize just like the Framework Laptop 13. However, Framework promises the new 16″ notebook offers significantly higher performance, and it also offers a new, fully reconfigurable input deck and modular, upgradeable graphics.

Firstly, the Framework 16 offers a number of swappable input modules in different sizes. Some are smaller than others, and modules include a numpad module and even full keyboard modules. The company states, “Many of the small module options enable color customization, but it’s also possible to build functional modules like an LED Matrix or haptic slider”. 

In fact, Framework has released open source firmware that runs on the Raspberry Pi RP2040 microcontroller that many of its modules rely on. As a result, the manufacturer has created the opportunity for anyone to build their own modules that are combatable with the Framework 16 notebook – such as jog wheels, faders, and macro knobs.

Additionally, the notebook 16 has an upgradable graphics module! Consequently, you can upgrade the graphics card independently of the rest of the system. But, Framework state, “the PCIe x8 interface enables a range of other non-graphics use cases that need both high power and high speed. As an example, we’ve developed a dual M.2 SSD card that can drop into an Expansion Bay Shell, allowing for an additional 16TB of storage”.

Further, the Framework Laptop 16 offers the same Expansion Card system found in the the Framework Laptop 13 which lets you determine what ports sit on each side of the notebook. The manufacturer say they’ve enabled three Expansion Cards on each side, and they’ve included a new Audio Expansion Card which lets you fit an audio input card, replacing a fixed 3.5mm headphone jack.

All in all, the Framework 16 laptop looks set to be an awesome computer to use in any media discipline. Music producers can use this high performance laptop and even integrate it into their studio setup with custom modules and redefine what a workflow is.


Pricing for the Framework 16 is yet to be announced, but it will be be shared this spring once pre-orders open. Finally, the 16 will begin shipping late this year.

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