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SPACE FX is the latest of Behringer’s Eurorack modules to hit the scene.

Sound design enthusiasts can never have enough effects. After all, they’re a tool that enables us to add polish or more depth and space to our sounds. But the use of effects is far from limited to just music producers and sound designers. Effects put instruments in “real spaces” and the music we listen to every day wouldn’t be the same without them. Enter: Behringer SPACE FX.

Behringer SPACE FX Eurorack module

The Behringer SPACE FX Eurorack module is a 24-bit stereo effects unit. Powered by Klark Teknik technology, the module features 32 different effect algorithms and three adjustable parameters across every effect. Furthermore, the SPACE FX module allows for effect combinations and time-based synchronisation via a “tap tempo” feature.

SPACE FX features no CV (control voltage) input for power, effect control or sync. As a result, Behringer’s new effect module is far more affordable than many Eurorack modules. The tap tempo is useful for the purpose it serves, but a clock input would be more useful where time sync is of the essence in a Eurorack.

Behringer SPACE FX features no CV (control voltage) input for power, meaning the module is entirely digital. As a result, Behringer
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However, SPACE FX does offer a wide array of effects. For example, there are up to 15 different reverbs with rooms, chambers, halls, plates and spring reverbs. Additionally, there are eight different delays and modulation effects such as echo, chorus, flanger, phaser, in addition to clipper distortion, an LFO-filter and pitch-shifting – and more! The “FX ON/OFF” present in the video has been replaced with a High/Low input level switch. As a result, it should run effectively within a Eurorack and as a line level input effect!

Watching the announcement video, it’s clear to see that Behringer wanted to make a multi-purpose Eurorack module that saves you the cost of buying multiple modules with similar effects. “The price adds up when you’re getting individual delays, reverbs or any general effects module. Not everyone has the money for it, and sometimes you simply don’t have the space.”

Price and availability

Though Behringer has given no release date, the SPACE FX module will go on sale for as little as $49.

Find out more about the Behringer SPACE FX Eurorack module here.