Dr. Dre’s infamous Beats headphones have partnered with Balmain for a fashion-imbued range of stylish headphones.

Both Beats by Dr. Dre and Balmain are connected by a love for music, fashion and culture. We celebrate diversity, innovation, and the constant challenging of status quo. It’s with this very connection that our unique partnership was born. A shared belief that without the diversity that music brings us, our world would be nothing. Music is the thread that connects us all, allowing us to dream, and giving us a way to escape.

This special edition Beats product collection was inspired by Olivier’s vision for an urban safari; a beautiful, diverse escape that can only be accessed by the emotion of music. Once you put on these headphones, your music transports you to a place free from the chaos and noise of reality. It’s within this state of mind that we are free and inspired-that’s the true power of music.

Kylie Jenner, who models the new range of Balmain Beats, said: “No matter what you’re going through, when you put on a song that you love, and that you just connect with, it can change youw hole mood and just lift you up. Even if it’s just a few minutes… I love that escape music gives us.”

Beats by Dre Balmain range headphones earphones music listening

There are two different models included in the range; Beats Studio Wireless headphones and Powerbeats³ Wireless earplugs. Both are available in Safari and Khaki colours which give them that unique Balmain style on top of the classic Beats design. They say: “The Safari and Khaki colors represent the natural feel of the desert and the lush landscape of the jungle, while metallic gold accents bring on added level of elegance and luxury. Each comes with a matching suede case adorned with a Balmain plaque and the symbolic Balmain coin zipper pull.”

Beats Studio Wireless headphones are available for $599.95 on the Apple store whilst their Powerbeats³ are available for $249.95.