48% of people in Sweden and Norway have paid music streaming services like Spotify, with Nord’s in general loving streaming music.

YouGov have discovered some really interesting facts about the popularity of music streaming in the North-East of Europe. It turns out that they absolutely love it with 80% of inhabitants aged 12 to 65 in Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden having used at least one streaming service last year.

That’s a pretty great statistic for music streaming regardless but it turns out that the majority of them are actually paying for music streaming services. On top of paying for services like Spotify and Apple Music, YouTube is still an incredibly popular platform there showing a synergy in the world of music streaming.

The ‘Polaris Nordic Digital Music Survey’ was conducted through April and May this year by YouGov. They received 4,047 respondents, so the results aren’t entirely accurate and have probably come from a more biased subset of respondents due to its digital positioning but still represent how popular streaming is becoming.

Nordic market music streaming services Spotify YouTube iTunes Sweden Finland

Out of the ways people said they listened to music online YouTube came on top with a 60% share whilst Spotify came in 2nd place with 51%. Digital downloads have less popularity in the Nordic world with only 13% of consumption share coming from iTunes purchases.

Overall 87% of those involved in the survey have streamed music from at least one free service and an average of 40% in the Nordic countries are subscribed to a Premium music streaming service. Sweden and Norway topped the list with 48%, nearly half of everyone, subscribed to Premium music streaming services.

It may help that Spotify is native to Sweden as 64% of the market share there in 2016 was claimed by Spotify. Despite the Nords enthusiasm in paying for music streaming, Finland seemed an anomaly with only 22% paying for a streaming service.

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