Every month it seems there’s more outlandish piece of music tech released, this guitar with an iPhone dock and built-in amp/speakers might take the biscuit.

The Fusion Guitar was born from the need for a self-contained electric guitar that was portable but also an exceptional musical instrument. Fusion’s founder Dave is an amid musician, traveller and design engineer who built his first prototype nearly 20 years ago and kept on refining. Each prototype was better than the last, and then smart phone and guitar apps hit the scene.

Dave realised the time was right to develop the ultimate electric guitar, and teamed up with a renowned product developer to produce the Fusion Guitar. The world’s first Fusion Guitars are now in production. The quality and features of the Fusion Guitar have surpassed the expectations of even its own developers. They say “We’re proud to realize a dream, and bring the joy of the electric guitar to you.”


Apple iPhone and iPod integration

Easily use the best guitar apps without extra hardware or cables.

Compact and integrated construction

Combining the convenience of a travel guitar with the capability of an entire rig.

Full Scale Neck and Fingerboard

Familiar look & feel. Extended through body to bridge for strength and traditional electric guitar tone.

Two Fingerboard Options

The Fusion Guitar features a full-scale maple neck with either a premium rosewood or maple fingerboard.

HD quality speakers

Amazing sound. Feel the power of the music emanating directly from the guitar.

Third monitor speaker

You hear what your audience hears, including the elusive higher frequencies.

Patented floating speaker box

Crank it to 11 without distortion!

Powerful integrated amp

Fill your world with sound.

Built in rechargeable battery

Play anywhere – no cables or extra gear.

Humbucker pickups

For crisp, accurate sound reproduction.

The Fusion guitar is available for $1,399 with the choice of a Maple or a Rosewood fingerboard.