Image Credit: Audius

Blockchain-powered Audius is the first streaming service to partner directly with TikTok, so users can upload songs directly to TikTok Sounds.

Artists who use the crypto-powered music streaming service Audius can now share their songs instantly onto TikTok. After uploading their track all Audius artists need to do is hit “Share to TikTok” and the track shares to TikTok Sounds on the video platform ready to be used in videos.

As a music platform Audius has similarities to SoundCloud, except that it makes use of blockchain technology. Meanwhile TikTok is fast becoming the dominant video sharing app, with music a big part of the app’s popularity as users choose tracks to soundtrack their videos.

Discussing the partnership with TikTok Roneil Rumburg, co-founder and CEO of Audius, said: “The artists we’ve been talking to want to find better ways to connect the following they’ve built up on TikTok to other places where they can monetize their work better.”

Co-founder Forrest Browning said as a company Audius isn’t interested in where listens come from but are in the business of getting as many ears on the track as possible – and, of course, drawing more artists and users to the Audius platform.

Recent stats have claimed that 75% of users in the US discover new artists on TikTok. It’s a place where an artist’s song can go viral overnight, and the breadcrumbs lead back to streaming services as viewers head off to discover the full track.

Audius has 5 million monthly active users, and over 100,000 artists have music on the platform, including the likes of Skrillex and Disclosure. The Audius platform does not offer monetisation at the moment, though it is developing a plan for artists to be paid in the form of cryptocurrency $AUDIO tokens.

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