Image Credit: Audient

Audient has added to their EVO range of products with the SP8. The SpP8 is a new 8-channel preamp expander that utilizes the same smartgain as the EVO 16, ADAT I/O connectivity, and more.

Audient released the EVO 16 last summer. The 24-input/output channel audio interface offers a number of smart features, and the product has been received overwhelmingly well with its affordable price. Now, the SP8 is t to join the EVO 16 and bring additional inputs to engineers and recording artists.


The SP8 is a new smart preamp expander that will allow you to add more inputs and outputs to your recording setup. Where audio quality is concerned, the EVO SP8 offers 24bit / 96kHz audio in its 8 mic/line inputs and 8 line outputs, 2 JFET instrument inputs, and 2 ADAT I/O connections.

The EVO preamps offer 58dB of input gain, and its 32-bit ADC technology offers 121dB of dynamic range! With that said, the SP8 offers the same smart gain functionality as the EVO 16, so it’ll automatically set the gain of all of its 8 channels with a singular button press.

Image Credit: Audient

As you might expect, the SP8 is compatible with the EVO 16, but it’s also compatible with all other audio interfaces with its built-in ADAT connectivity. As a result, if your audio interface is an optical input then you can use the EVO 28 to expand your recording setup as you would any other ADAT device, only the SP8 gives you smartgain functionality.

Furthermore, SP8 also features a high-resolution, full-color LCD screen that’s easy to use, coupled with a single one-knob, and this gives you the real-time status of your channels. It’s made up of a solid steel chassis with non-slip rubber feet, and its size doesn’t exactly make it unportable but I think it’s definitely suited to a permanent studio fixture position.

Image Credit: Audient

In fact, Synth Anatomy reports that you can also get additional rack-ears, so you can for mount the device in a rack.

All in all, the SP8 looks like a great bit of kit. I think this neat EVO input/output expander opens up the EVO range of products to those who don’t necessarily need an audio interface but could do with expanding their number of inputs.


The Audient EVO SP8 will be at some point within the next three months $499. A very attractive price if I do say so myself.

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