The filter section of Korg’s MS-20 synth is legendary, and now you can get its dirty sound screaming with resonance in your DAW for free.

Arturia’s Filter MS-20 is an enhanced plugin emulation of the filter found on Korg’s MS-20 synth. It offers both high and low-pass filters which feature some favorable settings of the original like the same Peak controls for resonance adjustments. Oh, and the addition of a distortion module packs a treat too..

In addition to distortion, Arturia has added a number of modern enhancements to their FIlter MS-20 emulation. For instance, the developer says you can “modulate and animate the virtual circuitry”, among other things like rerouting the filter and distortion sections. And those that like a hands-on plugin will be pleased with the knob-per-function interface, macro-style controls, and the addition of an Advanced panel that lets you adjust the envelope follower, step sequencer, and function generator.

All this results in a filter that’s set to be a pretty handy plugin that’s utilized by many music producers. The MS-20 Filter will work well for electronic music styles incorporating both digital and live sounds for filtered and distorted sound, heavy-hitting sidechains, and so on.

You can get the Filter MS-20 for free until January 2nd, and the retail price will be $99 thereafter. The plugin is compatible with PC and Mac in VST, AU, and AAX plugin formats.

The launch of the Arturia MS-20 filter comes after the developer released an emulation of the Korg’s MS-20 synth earlier this year.

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