What Christmas songs are new in 2022? Our list has the best songs for Christmas playlist updates this year.

The most-known Christmas song is probably Mariah Carey or “Jingle Bells.” But every year there are attempts to release a classic new Christmas song that will worm its way into our hearts and give us some respite from the old tracks we love to overplay.

Some new Christmas songs are more successful than others. It’s always a lovely bonus when the artist seems to have had fun making a record they wouldn’t usually release. We like it best when artists are imaginative with their holiday songs, either revitalising a traditional tune or penning one of their own with a unique flair that ticks all the right festive boxes without being too obvious.

What are the 2022 contenders for the next Christmas songs to grace your holiday playlist? We’ve found ten of the best for your judging ears.   

The Linda Lindas – Groovy Xmas

In which four teen pop-punkers bring their unmatchable bouncy energy to holiday songwriting, and nail it.

Los Bitchos – Los Chrismos

Excitable guitars and jingle bells make you want to turn up the volume on this tune from Los Bitchos and have a kitchen boogie with a glass in hand. All seems normal until the “Christmas time! Sexy time!” chant starts, and things get delightfully weird in a Cheeky Girls sort of way.

Alicia Keys – December Back 2 June

This year Alicia Keys has gifted us an RnB number with a Christmas twist. Taken from her new holiday album, “December Back 2 June” is a genuinely great song that will stick in your head.

The Vamps – Seat At The Table

The Vamps are home for Christmas and they’re feeling sentimental about it. Throw away your cynicism and lean into the sweet singing, cosy harmonies and big choruses.

Laufey – The Christmas Waltz

Take Laufey’s dreamy voice, strings that warble comfortingly like a humming voice, and an adorable children’s choir, and you have a sumptuous Christmas song.

Phoebe Bridgers – So Much Wine

There’s not a spoonful of holiday cheer to be found in Phoebe Bridger’s cover of the Handsome Family track. Sorry. It is however for charity, and the vocals are beautiful.

Joss Stone – Bring on Christmas Day

Beginning with a romantic fiddle line, this original track from Joss Stone’s 2022 Christmas album Merry Christmas, Love! builds to near-hysterical levels of Christmas joy.

Salem Ilese – Secret Santa

Adorable! That’s the word you’re looking for. Salem Ilese’s first Christmas release features cutesy but impeccable rhymes, very on-brand for the TikTok breakout star.

Kenia OS – Blanca Navidad

Looking for a holiday bop to stick on while you do the dishes? This Spotify Singles upbeat version of “White Christmas” does the job cleanly and efficiently.

Sia – Naughty & Nice

Sia’s updated her 2017 album Everyday It’s Christmas again, this year with a trio of new tracks “12 Nights”, “3 Minutes ‘Til New Years”, and “Naughty & Nice”. All three are chaotic and sickly, but doesn’t that itself scream Christmas?

Let us know the best new Christmas song you’ve found this holiday season!

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