Independent artists can now get their music on Spotify in Russia, Croatia, Ukraine, Serbia, Slovenia, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Moldova, Kosovo, Albania, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Bosnia & Hezegovina.

Spotify have just launched in these 13 new territories opening their streaming service up to 250 million potential new listeners!

Get your music heard in all of these countries and earn money from every play when your music is uploaded to Spotify via

Russia has been ranked the 17th biggest music streaming market in the world and is predicted to be 10th by 2030.

Existing users: All of the releases you have already sent to Spotify through us will now be available to huge new audiences in these territories as we will automatically add your releases there. You don’t need to do a thing!

With their new launch in these markets, Spotify for Artists will now be available for artists from these territories as well so that you can customise your profile how you want it and track your plays in real-time.

New users: Sign up for free and select Spotify when you upload your release and we will send your music to all 92 markets around the world where Spotify is available. Your music will be made available to 286 million Spotify listeners all across the globe, and counting!

If you would like your past releases to not be sent to any of these countries then you can edit your release in your 
discography and deselect any countries you don’t want to be available in. Our support team are there to help with any
issues when you create a ticket on the website.

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