Spotify Playlist RapCaviar celebrates its five year annivery with a quiz

One of Spotify’s most popular playlists RapCaviar celebrates its fifth anniversary with a seven question test for listeners.

RapCaviar, launched in 2015, reflects and shapes hip-hop culture. Today it is one of the most followed playlists on Spotify with over 12 million followers. In the five years since its launch, RapCaviar has evolved, with RapCaviar Live taking the playlist to the stage.

Test your hip-hop knowledge of the playlist here.

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Spotify app update launches Home Feeds so you can avoid podcasts

New Home Feeds on Spotify’s latest Android update keep music and podcasts separate and improve the discovery features of the app.

Perks of Spotify Premium now include separate shuffle and play buttons

How to shuffle on Spotify Premium is changing as users finally get separate play and shuffle buttons on the Spotify app.

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