Gracenote, the world’s leading provider of entertainment data have introduced a new tool for playlist curation – Gracenote Rhythm Curation.

Gracenote Rhythm Curation™ is a Web-based application developed by Gracenote for use by human curators to build playlists on music streaming services, labels and radio stations. Rhythm Curation will provide a dedicated, intuitive interface for the creation of playlists, something that has become an integral part of streaming services with competition between Apple Music’s human curated playlists and Spotify’s algorithmic playlists.

Gracenote hope to open up expert playlist curation to users beyond the giant streaming services so that it’s easier for music editors to craft unique playlists across genres, eras, moods and tempos. Gracenote say it “blends the best of technology and data with the passions and creativity of music industry professionals.”

Chief strategy officer and interim general manager of Music for Gracenote, Ty Roberts, said: “Rhythm Curation brings together the best of data and technology with the passion and creativity of music industry professionals. Today, music editors don’t have tools to help them build eclectic playlists – many simply rely on the search bar. We’ve changed that with Rhythm Curation which essentially adds a user interface that gives non-technical musicologists the unprecedented ability to filter the world’s music catalog.”

Gracenote Rhythm Curation
A sneak peek at Gracenote Rhythm Curations intuitive interface

With Gracenote Rhythm Curation editors will be able to filter vast catalogs of songs using descriptive metadata from Artist type, Genre of the song, Origin or region most associated with the artist, and Era the song was recorded. Curators will also have access to insights from ‘machine-learning technology’ like Mood and Tempo for millions of tracks.

Gracenote Rhythm Curation is expected to launch in December with a limited beta open right now. Pricing costs haven’t yet been revealed but for more general information you can visit: