Animated album art comes to Apple Music

Image Credit: Brett Jordan

Apple Music are pulling a Spotify and rolling out animated album art.

A cool new feature debuted in the last Apple update. Animated playlist covers were already available with the release of iOS 14, but the newest development gives Spotify the side-eye by adding animation above albums in Apple Music.

Paul McCartney’s solo album, McCartney III, was one of the first albums to have the new feature, which rolled out with iOS 14.3 and macOS 11.1 updates.

The animated element adds a fun extra dimension of creativity, and could also mean that Apple Music are looking towards more video content, like Spotify. Both companies are chasing YouTube, with its monopoly on music videos.

What’s next? It remains to be seen if Apple will go full Spotify and extend the animation option to users with their own version of Spotify Canvas. The streaming app’s feature allows users to promote their music through short video loops.

Apple Music’s animated album covers seem to only be for selected artists at the moment, but as RouteNote users were keen to take advantage of the Canvas feature, we’ll be on the look out for any updates if Apple extends the feature to more artists.

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