Spotify are officially on Apple Watches at last meaning you can take the tunes around with you everywhere and start streaming with the tap of a wrist.

It was only last week that we reported Spotify were testing an official streaming app for Apple Watches in beta. It got many people excited for the music streaming service to come to Apple Watches and thankfully the Swedish company didn’t make them wait long. It’s finally here, Spotify is now officially streaming music on Apple Watches.

Their new app lets users browse playlists and recently played music and stream it through their devices, Spotify Connect, Wi-Fi speakers, or their computer. Being on such a small screen the Spotify app for Apple Watch doesn’t have full access like the iPhone app but it’s playback screen lets you see what’s playing, control playback, skip through tracks and love a song to add it your library in a snap. You may not have as much control as on your phone but you can simply tap your wrist to pause playback on the way into a shop, quickly swipe a skip when a track you don’t like comes on, and more all without taking your phone out of your pocket.

The app has been in development with the help of Andrew Chang, a developer who brought Spotify to the Apple Watch before but unofficially. Chang created the unofficial Spotify streaming app Snowy for Apple Watch and Spotify were so impressed with his API they hired him to help develop the official app and it’s finally here. Without Chang we might not have seen an official, functioning Spotify app for much longer.

Spotify have more plans for the app coming in the future including the ability to save and music and podcasts for listening offline. The new app will roll out to Apple Watches over the next week so ensure you have the latest Spotify app for the simplest streaming experience coming out of your wrist.