We were thrilled to see one of our favourite artists, Ahrix, featured in even more of Spotify’s huge playlists this month.

We’ve been proud to work with one of the freshest voices in electronic music production around the world for years. Ahrix is an artist we’ve been with for a long time and watched go from strength to strength with each track.

Earlier this year Ahrix joined up with Alan Walker and K-391 to break even newer ground in celebration of bedroom music producers around the world. Their track, ‘End of Time‘, celebrated their humble beginnings as producers and the journey they’ve taken together to be heard by millions around the world.

Ahrix’s tracks are no stranger to Spotify’s top playlists and we were thrilled to see even more huge features this month. With the release of his brilliant new single ‘Believe’, Ahrix has jumped straight into huge Spotify playlists.

As well as entering into many of Spotify’s personalised playlists for users who love the music of Ahrix and his peers, Believe jumped straight into Spotify’s home for dreamy dance music: ‘Creamy’ with over 600,000 followers.

We love seeing thousands of artists who use RouteNote to get their music out there featured in the biggest playlists every week. Simply having your music on Spotify increases your chances by 100%. For some extra tips on getting playlist placements, check out our post here.