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YouTube Music’s new playlists hope to provide you with endless music you love and new favourites to suit your mood or activity.

YouTube Music have launched more personalized playlists called My Mixes. Much like Spotify’s Daily Mixes, up to seven new and distinct personalized My Mix playlists sit on the home page. Each playlist features a diverse list of artists, with your favourite tracks and new favourites. YouTube hope each playlist will perfectly cover your music tastes. Choose a playlist that suits your current vibe and hit play for hours of music. My Mixes are updated daily, giving you endless listening.

Much like Spotify’s Discover Weekly, My Supermix (formerly Your Mix) combines all of your music tastes into one seemless playlist.

YouTube Music My Mix playlists
Image credit: YouTube

As well as the new playlists, YouTube will be launching an activity bar on the YouTube Music homepage. The bar will feature four common activities: Workout, Focus, Relax and Commute. Choosing an activity will take you to a dedicated personalized homepage, full of curated playlists and personalized Mixes with new recommendations and old favourites.

With the announcement, YouTube Music put a heavy emphasis on discovering new music. Most streaming services offer some sort of algorithm driven personlized playlists and they have become a key feature of music streaming as a whole. Providing listeners with a totally new way to discover an endless stream of new music specific to them. The closest we had before streaming was radio stations, that attempt suit the masses.

Spotify Daily Mixes

Since the confirmation of Google Play Music’s closure earlier this year, YouTube Music have really stepped up their game with new features. These additions should help YouTube Music further boost subscriber numbers.

Both new updates should be available to all listeners today across iPhone, Android and web.