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TikTok has reinvented its relationship with the music industry to take artists to the next level and promote fan/artist connections.

In 2024, TikTok isn’t just a place for viral dances and funny skits – it’s become a launchpad for new music and a treasure trove for rediscovering forgotten classics. The platform’s relentless focus on music is transforming the way we consume and interact with music, with far-reaching consequences for both artists and fans.

Lesser know artists have broken through with huge success after being featured in trends or a viral video. Likewise, classic artists have been rediscovered and found a surge in streams from use in video trends on TikTok. Like Fleetwood Mac rediscovering a hit after ‘Dreams’ played over the top of a viral video of a man skating and drinking juice.


♬ Dreams (2004 Remaster) – Fleetwood Mac

Original songs and catchy hooks can go viral overnight, propelling unknown musicians from bedroom studios to sold-out concerts. A perfectly placed snippet in a trending dance challenge or a cleverly crafted lyrics used in a relatable skit can expose millions to new music, fostering a sense of discovery unlike anything the industry has seen before.

It’s easier than ever to add your music to TikTok’s sound library. You can upload your music for free with RouteNote to reach audiences globally and make your music available for use in creator’s videos. You’ll even get paid every time your songs are used.

There are no barriers of entry to getting your music on TikTok in 2024. This year, TikTok have been putting even more of an emphasis on artists and their music to enhance the opportunities for artists on their app.

How TikTok are making their app better than ever before for musicians

TikTok aren’t resting on their laurels. In 2024, they have rolled out a series of new features to strengthen the place of artists and their music on the app. Incredible new features offer more promotional potential than ever before, and we’re seeing them to do more every month.

Late last year, TikTok launched new Artist Accounts. This allows artists with their music on TikTok to claim their presence on the app and boost their music to the next level.

With an Artist Account, TikTok will tag your page as an ‘Artist’ to let everyone know you’re the real deal. You can promote new releases up to 14 days in advance and then for 30 days after release to build listens on your latest songs. This encourages fans to create content using your new tracks, building hype.

With your very own Music Tab now on TikTok, all of your songs are collected in one place. Fans new and old can explore your songs to easily explore the content created with it, make their own videos, or save the song.

Ensure your content is at the top with the ‘By artist’ tag. This allows you to select the content you’ve made yourself for your songs, so that they are highlighted on the song page amongst your fans content.

TikTok recently unveiled a new feature with Billie Eilish that allows you to instead highlight your fans videos. Connecting with your audience is never easier than before and bolsters strong relationships which keeps your music growing. Fan Spotlight allows you to put a spotlight on the videos using your songs that you really love.

There is much more to explore as an artist on TikTok. New promotional features and artist-focused tools seem to be dropping constantly, so we’re patiently waiting for more exciting news to come.

Here’s how to get your music on TikTok and secure your Artist Account:

  1. Sign up for a free account at
  2. Upload your music and choose TikTok (and any other music platforms!)
  3. Choose between Free and Premium distribution

Then our team will ensure your release is correct before sending it to your chosen services. Once your music is live on TikTok, secure your Artist Account by heading here.