Image credit: Tanner Boriack

The producer in question Scaramanga Silk, who won’t profit off the sale to anonymous bidder, is left confused by the surprise sale.

Like most of us you’re probably scratching your head wondering just who is Scaramanga Silk and why did someone just drop such a wedge of money on this record? We’re not alone as the producer himself still cannot figure it out either. Speaking on the sale he said: “I do not believe that any record is worthy of such a valuation.”

The record has sold for a staggering $41,000 (£29,800) on the music market place Discogs, making it the sites most expensive record ever. It’s also one of the most expensive records sold, ever. 

‘Choose Your Weapon’ by Scaramanga Silk is an almost unheard of record, as is the artist, whom has around 7 monthly listeners on Spotify. The vinyl was self released in 2008 with only 20 copies being made. It was released as a promotional vinyl edition with an accompanying poem, art print and CD. 

The listing originally read: “Mega-rare collectible. Unplayed, Mint Condition. Numbered 02 / 20. Contains info sheet, signed record, signed art print [plus CD].” The $41,095 sale to an anonymous buyer was finalised in December. 

It’s the only time the record has been sold on the site and it’s left Discogs and the artist in a state of confusion. Speaking in full on the transaction Scaramanga Silk said: “It is very difficult to understand why the release went for that kind of money, as I do not believe that any record is worthy of such a valuation.” He continues, “The individual who made the purchase must have had some kind of special connection to the work too … It means a lot that Choose Your Weapon is so special to somebody.”

The track which has “combined elements of breakbeat, electro and UK rave,” isn’t available online, or an any streaming services. Taking heavy influence from the likes The Prodigy and Dopplereffekt. The record was a “response to the issues around knife and gun crime at that time.” 

A statement released by Discogs said: “By several accounts, the release drew attention from collectors shortly after it dropped [in 2008] when it sold on eBay for $654. How that price tag sky-rocketed to over $40,000 remains a mystery.”

This massive price tag far exceeds the previous Discogs record of $27,500 (£20,000) for Prince’s 1987 LP ‘The Black Album’. This is followed by the copy of ‘Love Me Do’ by The Beatles that sold for $15,411. However, such figures are small for rare Beatles records, in 2015 a copy of the ‘White Album’ sold at auction for $790,000. 

It’s an interesting story that leaves much to the imagination, who exactly bought this record and why? And why did they spend so much money on it? Hopefully, as time goes by we will get more answers.