Napster Music Download Store Launches Their New Mobile Access Website


Napster, the pioneer of digital music, today announced subscribers can now access their account at from most web-enabled phones, regardless of carrier. Subscribers can now browse, search, preview and use account credits to download tracks “over the air” from Napster’s library of more than nine million songs.

Napster customers currently receive five MP3s and unlimited listening on the PC for $5 per month. Beginning today, they can redeem credits and download tracks “over the air,” as well as receive a back-up MP3 copy for their PC – at no additional cost. Consumers can also create a new account or add credits to an existing account directly from their phone using a Napster prepaid card.

“Napster subscribers can now discover and download music at anytime on more phones from just about any carrier,” said Brad Duea, Napster president. “This is one of the strongest steps we’ve made to date toward our goal of making Napster and music accessible anytime, anywhere.”

To promote the debut of, and celebrate September as “Music Month,” Best Buy will offer $15 worth of Napster music (15 songs to keep and three months of unlimited listening on the PC) at no charge with the purchase of any contract mobile phone.

“Mobile phones are becoming the focal point for how people connect with their world, and music is a big piece of that,” said Jude Buckley, chief marketing and merchant officer for Best Buy Mobile. “Our customers want to be able to download and listen to music no matter where they are, and now Napster makes it accessible and simple to get music on any type of mobile phone.”

Today’s debut of is the first of many initiatives coming from Napster in the near future that exemplify the company’s strategy of making music instantly available from everywhere one might be.

Advice For New Bands From

Rock Band

Starting up a band is relatively easy. Four mates that all wanna be rock stars, can all play reasonably, right some songs that you all think are the nuts (or learn covers that make money) and find a place to practice. Most starting up bands though all have jobs that help them fund their obsession with the latest release from Gibson or whoever you adore. That’s just the problem though, working men in Indy (or whatever your music scene thing is) bands don’t have the time to promote themselves. Its just not realistic to be a super mum and plug your band at the same time. So what precious time they do have needs to count. Here are three easy steps from that should make it easier. And I hope that subscribers are all reading this! (if not, shame on you!)

  • Gigs. The bottom line for a band is playing in front of people. There is no point in rocking out and singing about saving the universe if you’ve got on-one to listen. Open mic nights are good place to start if you can make it. Offer to play every week with the establishment, so there is always someone there at least, they’ll appreciate that and you’ll find yourself in a  semi-house band situation. You’ll end up playing with other people too and eventually creating a name for yourself in the local community.
  • Social Networking. Social network yourself like crazy. Make friends with every band that slaps themselves on Myspace or Facebook and they’ll make friends with you right back. Even if they make a thousand empty promises to go to your gigs, they’ll still know your name an recognise it if they see it on a poster or their friends tell them about you. Try to go to as many of their gigs as possible. You’ll not only be able to create some more contacts and friends along the way, but it will encourage them to go to yours. More people at your gigs means things are improving already. You can then start to plug your social network site and contacts to your fans.microphone
  • Contacts and Circles. Semi-contradictory to the second one, don’t follow everyone else at once, sometimes its nice to be missed. Spend most of your social Network time (when you go out i mean not in front of the PC) at a lot of the same places. Follow local promoters that you think have a genuine interest in your band and follow bands that you want to work with. You’ll start to become a regular and will become synonymous with the music scene. It should result in you becoming “that guy” people think of if they need an amp or whatever. They’ll start to ring you and offer you gigs, soon after that the band should start to look after itself.

Madness Tour For Winter


Madness have announced that they will tour this December.

Tickets for the eleven date tour will be available to book from September the 4th (Friday) on the bands website and for sale on Friday at NME.COM/Tickets. The tour follows some good fortune after the group went down well in Paris at the Rock En Seine concert at the end of August after Oasis pulled out. Madness, who were already playing at the event on another stage, filled the gap and chipped through the booing Oasis expecting fans only to silence the heckles with a genius of an opener in the form of  ‘One Step Beyond’. Enjoy. Tour dates are below and all are for December.

Bournemouth Intl Center – 1st

Brighton Center – 2nd

Plymouth Pavilions – 4th

Southend Cliffs Pavilion – 5th

Swindon Oasis – 7th

Leeds O2 Academy – 8th

Sheffield O2 Academy – 9th

Birmingham O2 Academy – 10th

Newcastle O2 Academy – 12th

Glasgow O2 Academy – 13th

Manchester Apollo – 15th

PRS and YouTube Finally Come To An Agreement on Music Licensing Deal


Previously here at RouteNote we have been pretty critical of the PRS and how they go about their business. However, today the PRS and YouTube have finally announced that they have come to an agreement on licensing.

Google has confirmed that the new deal is a lump sum just like the last one, thus paying an upfront amount but not a per stream minimum. It is about time that the PRS be a little more flexible on their approach to licensing, but I still wonder if Google had access to work out which artists are PRS registered and then based the lump sum around that. Songwriters and composers will be keen to hear the finer details of the deal though, in terms of what tracking will be used to equitably share out the cash.

The deal is backdated to 9th January when the previous deal expired, and runs until June 2012. Neither Google nor PRS for Music is saying how much the upfront payment is, naturally.

YouTube’s director of video partnerships Patrick Walker says that “We are dedicated to establishing and fostering relationships that make YouTube a place where existing fans and new audiences can discover their favourite content – whatever it might be. We are extremely pleased to have reached an agreement with PRS for Music and look forward to the return of premium music videos to YouTube in the UK where they will join a variety of other content to be enjoyed by our British users.”

Hitlers Reaction To Oasis Splitting Up

All horrendous decisions that Hitler made aside. He has gone and made another one! RouteNote have signed on to the side of the planet that seems to think that the Oasis split a good thing, were starting to feel even better about our decision after finding out that were not in the same camp as the Fuhrer.

The clip was lifted from the 2004 movie ‘Downfall’ which depicts the final days of the Nazi’s leader’s life – as played by Bruno Ganz – with fake subtitles on top.

Please dont be offended, its just a bit of harmless fun.

Them Crooked Vultures Tour Dates.


Finally we have some (what seem like actually quite reliable) dates for a tour from Them Crooked Vultures. The tour dates are nice and fair with dates for the UK and the USA.

The super-group will embark on their first US tour which begins at the beginning of October and contains a total of nine sets, including a recently knocked up set at the Austin City Limits Festival along  side The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the Kings Of Leon. December the 10th sees the band begin their short tour of the UK beginning in Plymouth and ending in London’s HMV Hammersmith Apollo. Details though of the bands album releases are still in up in the air (with even less news  about downloads), but the rock collective are treating the fans to quite a regular amount of promos and video leaks on places like YouTube with even less on their website, you can buy t-shirts though for around $25. Below is an accurate account of the understood dates: (click here for tickets)

Oct. 1: Austin, (Stubbs)
Oct. 2: Austin, (Austin City Limits)
Oct. 5: Nashville, (War Memorial)
Oct. 6: Columbus, (LC Pavilion)
Oct. 8: Detroit, (The Fillmore)
Oct. 9: Toronto, (Sound Academy)
Oct. 11: Boston, (House of Blues)
Oct. 12: Philadelphia, (Electric Factory)
Oct. 14: Washington, (9:30 Club)
Dec. 10: Plymouth, UK (Pavilions)
Dec. 11: Portsmouth, UK (Guildhall)
Dec. 13: Blackpool, UK (Empress Ballroom)
Dec. 14: Birmingham, UK (O2 Academy)
Dec. 15: Edinburgh, UK (O2 Academy)
Dec. 17: London, UK (HMV Hammersmith Apollo)

Rack Mount Mixers: ART MX225 & MX622



Two new rack mount mixers ranging from between £159 – £189. The MX225 and the slightly more complicated MX622. Designed for relatively small venues like a church hall or a conference speech hall environment. Both are designed to be permanent in the wings members of what would be your backstage equipment.

The MX225 makes it possible for the user to mix two line-level stereo inputs into five stereo output zones (so the microphone can be heard in the speakers of into your effects pedal or wherever). Also, its front panel can allow for control over each level of each output individually, As well as 5-step LEDS for each output along with a mono switch. Its slightly bigger cousin, the MX622 has inputs for three stereo line-level signals, of mics with the capabilities to combine them (for extra £30 which seems reasonable). The mics are on balanced XLR’s (which is handy for everyone) with phantom power that can be changed over nice and simply with A DIP switch. The Phantom power supply has specifications of 15v which does mean you may have to hunt around and make sure you have a microphone that is safe to use with it.

The mixers outputs are normal jack cables and its stereo-line input are RCA phonos. The front panel displays, on both models, have level knobs in the relevant places accompanied by their clip LED’s for all mics, the three line inputs and the master out, as well as any effects you might want.

The ART mixers are a pair of nice straight forward no-nonsense and user friendly mixers that do their simple job. Some will argue thought that the decision to make them rack mounted will put some people off though. They do one job, making things loader over the mic. Although they do this superbly, should you decide you need a more versatile mixer, an its quite likely you will because it only does one job, it will take a lot of work to take it out and replace it, it just seems too much like hard work. Or maybe that’s just me.

MOG Secures More Funding For Their Music Portal and Blog Network

mogMOG, the very popular music portal and blog network, has closed a new $5 million funding round. In total MOG has now raised over $12.5 million in funding since being founded in 2005.

MOG has been having an amazing year in which included a relaunch of their homepage in April which then included music news, reviews and more. The MOG network now sees over 8 million unique visitors a month, with over 700 blogs that generate over 6,000 posts a week.

MOG is a great network of sites which getting on their homepage would mean a nice jump in actual sales. MOG is doing really well at the moment with their new strategy, but they have an unlaunched music streaming product which was previewed back in January by Techcrunch which would be an amazing addition. The music streaming product never launched because only two of the four major labels were on board. If MOG was able to get these other major labels on board then Im sure their service will grow a lot faster and be a prime target for even more investors.


Edirol UA4FX With COSM Clearance Deal

Edirol UA-4FX cross section

The Eridol USB Audio/Midi interface. Reasonably priced at £89.99, the UA4FX it come with 24 bit as standard and a 96KHZ record/playback. Built in effects a versatile amount of inputs and outputs and offers the maximum in portability. Usually priced at around the £200 mark, £88.99 is a more than reasonable price for start up solo artist interested in demo-level production and some bands at a push. The reason for the price cull is simply a clearance and we have our fingers crossed that they don’t announce an end of line sale anytime soon. Some place will offer it for around £140 if you need a delivery to the UK and parts of Europe.

As a best seller for years the Eridol UA series of interfaces has provided cheap, easy and versatile solutions in home recording for amateur musicians and aspiring enthusiasts. The Eridol UA4FX is a portable Audio interface that offers ultra fast, low latency (delay) and performance, complete with MIDI options. The Eridol comes with a limited amount of built in pedal effects which can contribute to editing your tracks and songs thanks to its USB’s and a built in tube microphone pre-amp simulator. With other accessories including the EMU xmidi USB and the larger Edirol UM-2EX adapter that includes 1 in and 2 female out MIDI posts there is some room to expand.

Other DSP features include multi-band compressor/limiter for mastering, amp-simulator and distortion/chorus/delay for guitar, center cancel, reverb, noise suppressor, and more.

Maximo Park Cancel US Tour


Maximo Park have  announced that they are canceling their September US tour.

The news was released through the form of a scanned note written by the band. (supposedly in the US). The  bands publicist has coined the cancellations as simply ‘illness’, whilst the band have promised “We wholeheartedly apologise to everyone who was looking forward to seeing us perform, we will do everything we can to reschedule the shows. We’ve always enjoyed visiting North America in the past and are bitterly disappointed to be missing out this time. When we return, it’ll be with as much energy and passion as ever. The band are however apperaing in the UK  again mid October

The cancelled tour dates are listed below. Refunds for your tickets are available from point of purchase on the condition they are returned within two weeks.

6th September, Seattle, Bumbershoot Festival.

7th September, Vancouver, Richards on Richards.

8th September, Portland, Berbati’s Pan.

10th September, San Francisco, Grand Ballroom.

11th September, Los Angeles, Avalon.

12th September, San Diago, House Of Blues.

14th Septeber, Denver, Bluebird Theater.

16th September, Minneapolis, Fine Line Music Cafe.

17th September, Chicago, Metro.

18th September, Toronto, Lee’s Place.

20th September, Boston, Paradise Rock Club.

21st September, New York, Webster Hall.

24th September, Philadelphia, World Cafe Live.

25th September, Washington, Black Cat.