NIN Flog all their old gear…

Since they broke up they don’t need to keep all their touring gear, and are doing what any sensible musician does with old equipment; selling it on ebay! If you have a couple of thousand dollars hanging around that you wouldn’t mind spending on a banjotar then click here.

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These Loog guitars will take your kids from Lil Wayne plucks to Jimi Hendrix shreds

Nearly everyone has wanted to learn to play the guitar at some point, but getting started is the hardest part. But Loog’s new guitars make it fun and easy for children to learn and play….

Leak: Google are making noise cancelling, bluetooth headphones?

Are Google going to release a pair of their own bluetooth headphones? An FCC filing reveals wireless headphones with Google’s trademark colours. An FCC filing has revealed a pair of over-ear, wireless headphones, tagged with…

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