NIN Flog all their old gear…

Since they broke up they don’t need to keep all their touring gear, and are doing what any sensible musician does with old equipment; selling it on ebay! If you have a couple of thousand dollars hanging around that you wouldn’t mind spending on a banjotar then click here.

27, M, U.K.

Spotify Update Adds Chromecast Streaming Integration

Closely following the release of Chromecast Audio the long-awaited Spotify support is finally here. Chromecast are Google’s Wi-Fi streaming, digital media players that allows users to stream web services like YouTube and Netflix to their TV….

Sounds Is The New Music Sharing & Discovery App For Social Media

Sounds is a free app that helps you discover music on SoundCloud, Spotify and iTunes and share it on Instagram and other social networks. Sounds works by taking a sample and the cover art from…

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