How does Spotify count a ‘listen’ or ‘stream’ on a song?

Does simply starting a song count? What if you have it on replay? Do offline streams count? These Qs and more answered below.

How exactly do Spotify classify ‘one play’ or ‘one stream’ of a song? This is important to know for artists as it is what will count towards your total plays and the revenue you earn.

Spotify classifies a single stream of a song when it has been listened to for 30 seconds or more.

If you restart the song, whether by having it on repeat or clicking it again, it will count as another play after 30 seconds have been listened to again.

If you listen to a song offline that you have saved in your library then each play will still count after 30 seconds the same. Spotify will track your offline plays and add them to their servers when you next connect to the internet.

So if you end up skipping the end of a song, as long as you’ve listened for over 30 seconds it will still count.

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