Hercules have dropped a new pair of monitors for DJs and producers who really care about their sound, improving everything on their predecessors.

Today Hercules DJ, the company renowned for creating quality DJ controllers, surprise dropped their Monitor 5 speakers. Promising a new and improved design on their past monitors, these look to be their best offering for music lovers and creators alike.

The monitors are compact but powerful with a 5-inch woofer enshrouded in a Kevlar membrane capable of 50 watts on their own. Each speaker is completed with a 30 watts, silk-dome tweeter for a total capability of 80 watts of high quality sound.

The bi-amplified speakers use dual bass ports to adapt themselves to their environment whether it’s a large open room or a small nook. Hercules are proud of the versatility of these speakers, thus have removed the ‘DJ’ from the title.

The Monitor 5’s are the first in the speaker series, which Hercules launched 6 years ago, that they’re selling as an audio companion beyond music production, for parties, even to accompany a home theatre set up plugged into the TV. With their slick wooden enclosures the Monitor 5’s look good and will fit in to most environments.

Here are the key features of Hercules’ new speakers:

• 5 inch woofers
• Balanced dual bass ports
• Speaker enclosures crafted of high-density MDF
• 80 watts RMS output power per speaker
• RCA, TRS (6.35 mm) and XLR inputs
• Compact design, perfect for any space

• On/Off switch on front of each speaker for easy access
• Master volume knob on front of each speaker for more
precise control
• Indicator light in ON position
• High-frequency adjustment: + or – 2 dB
• Low-frequency adjustment: + or – 2 dB
• Adjustable low-frequency cutoff: 56 Hz, 80 Hz or 100 Hz
Audio inputs (to connect a computer, DJ equipment, mixer):
• TRS (6.35 mm, balanced input)
• XLR (balanced input)

A pair of Hercules DJ Monitor 5’s will set you back $299. You can order yours now from their website.