It may look like a calculator that forgot it’s numbers but Zont is actually an incredible new synthesiser packed full of sound and versatility.

Zont is a tiny synthesiser that fits in your pocket and has been beautifully engineered to provide a massive range of customisation to producers. Designed by Pavel Golovkin Zont comes in a size similar to the modern smartphone but at no cost to quality.

Using a variety of connection options you can connect Zont into your studio setup as a unique, easy-to-use synth. Using LED-backlit buttons you control an expansive range of sounds that you can input into your mix through Zont’s iOS and Android app as well as full studio setups through it’s Studio Dock.

Zont uses interchangeable sound modules that come in cartridge form so that you can exchange sound engines easily for a massive variety of sounds. It comes with four modules out of the box to get you started and Zont are collaborating with major electronic artists and DJs like Jamie XX to create more custom sound engines as limited edition cartridges.

Zont synth synthesizer music production tool sound module engine

The included modules are:

Hundreds of original presets from soft melodic to huge monophonic leads. Customise presets or create your own unique sounds and tones.

Beef up even the most bass driven genres, from hip-hop to drum-n-bass. Customise presets or create your own unique sounds and tones.

Original rhythm synthesizer let’s you create punchy electronic and acoustic drum sounds.

Pure sound design with no presets or patterns. Perfect for warm ambience or meditative soundscapes.

Zont’s impressive feature list includes:
  • Interchangeable sound cartridges
  • Unibody front-plate design
  • Durable and soft-to-touch materials
  • LED-backlit buttons
  • Universal input interface for both rhythm/sequencer and melody composition
  • RCA, MIDI, USB-C and 3.5mm jack outputs from it’s Studio Dock.
  • Stereo speakers
  • AMOLED display
  • WiFi cloud sync
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Headphone jack output
  • iOS and Android app

Zont will be available in Fall 2017