Are YouTube Shorts worth it for artists? YouTube and record labels reveal how creating Shorts helps build music careers

Read on to find out how making Shorts can grow your career as a music artist, according to YouTube and major labels.

More than 1.5 billion of YouTube’s 2 billion users watch Shorts each month

After launching less than a year ago, YouTube recently announced that more than 1.5 billion users now engage with Shorts each month.

YouTube’s Q1 2022 ad-revenue was more than double Spotify’s entire revenue for the quarter

Alphabet’s Q1 2022 financial results put YouTube’s ad-revenue at more than double Spotify’s ad and subscriber revenue for the quarter.

With 30 billion daily views, YouTube Shorts are introducing ads

During Alphabet’s earnings call, new YouTube Shorts stats and features were revealed, plus the next steps for YouTube on connected TVs.

How to remix (almost) any YouTube video into a Short or restrict access to your own videos

YouTube allows anyone to create Shorts from any long-form videos on the platform, with a few small exceptions.

How to optimize your YouTube Shorts, plus upcoming requested features

A YouTube Product Specialist answers some of the most frequently asked questions about YouTube’s short-form video, TikTok competitor, Shorts.

Artists on YouTube can now see their most popular songs by Shorts videos and views

Official Artist Channels will find two new cards in YouTube analytics that provide more insight into their most popular songs on Shorts.

New products, tools and features coming to YouTube for creators, viewer and partners in 2022

A Look at 2022 from YouTube’s Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan, highlights some of the highly requested features coming this year.

5 trillion YouTube Shorts views and more mind-boggling stats from YouTube’s “2022 Priorities” letter

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki outline the video streaming platform’s priorities for viewers, artists and creators in a new letter and video.

The BRIT Awards 2022 to introduce public voting on TikTok

In a first for the UK-based music awards show, fans will be able to vote for their favourite artists on TikTok, in four new genre awards.