YouTube Shorts currently pulls in over 15 billion views per day

YouTube’s vertically scrolling, horizontal, short-form video sharing, TikTok competitor gets more than 15 billion views per day.

Reported in YouTube’s parent company, Alphabet’s Q2 2021 earnings call, CEO Sundar Pichai highlighted YouTube Shorts latest viewing figures. At over 15 billion views per day, Q2 2021 doubles the 6.5 billion daily views reported in March this year.

As ads are yet to be properly implemented on YouTube Shorts, we are likely to see YouTube’s ad revenue spike once they are widely adopted. In May, the video sharing site announced their YouTube Shorts Fund to pay Shorts creators. During the announcement, they confirmed Shorts would “begin to test and iterate on ads”.

During the same call, Google’s CBO Philipp Schindler reported on the YouTube app on connected TVs, an area of focus recently. More than 120 million people watch YouTube on TVs each month, which represents “the fastest growing consumer surface that we have”.

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A quarter of YouTube viewer hours are spent on music – around 250 million hours of music globally per day

A YouTube exec says that 25% of all watch time is now attributable to music, totalling around 250 million hours of daily music on YouTube.

BLACKPINK are now the number 1 artist on YouTube

By replacing Justin Bieber, BLACKPINK have just become the most popular artist on YouTube in 2021 in terms of subscribers.

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    It seems that YouTube shorts are a great way to get some extra tracktion on your YouTube channel.
    Great tool for musicians to share quick updates or behind the scenes footage!

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