YouTube’s Director of Shorts Product Management answers the most common questions on using short-form video as a creator.

YouTube’s Creator Liaison, Rene Ritchie sat down with Director of Shorts Product Management, Todd Sherman to discuss the Shorts algorithm on the Creator Insider channel. This video follows on from a video earlier this year from the same channel on understanding the YouTube algorithm for long-form videos.

Covered in this latest video includes up-to-date answers on common questions from creators, such as long-form vs short-form video, what to think about when creating and uploading to Shorts, the ideal length of video, whether full thumbnail customization will come, the importance of hashtags, what time to post, how to often to post, deleting and reposting videos, understanding YouTube Analytics, the difference in features between mobile and desktop, and of course what the future of Shorts looks like. Some questions concern viewers too, like extending the length of Shorts.

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