YouTube offering $100 million to creators of Shorts

In a bid to get creators making and sharing Shorts, the new TikTok style short videos on YouTube, they’re offering a huge fund to creators of some of the best content to come.

YouTube have announced their Shorts Fund, offering $100 million to creators this year and in 2022. YouTube Shorts, which is now fully available in both India and the U.S., offers users an in-built camera to quickly record fun and snappy moments, dances, and skits to share instantly with the world.

The videos have been a storming success where they’ve launched so far and YouTube clearly hope to push Shorts much further with the announcement of their fund. YouTube say that they’ll be reaching out to thousands of creators each month who have had the most engagement on their Shorts to offer them rewards.

It’s an interesting promotion for creators to get involved with the potential to earn money directly from YouTube. It will also serve as a valuable insight for YouTube, who will ask each creator to share their experiences with Shorts and how they feel it could be improved.

The fund won’t be limited to YouTube Partners either, so creators who aren’t eligible for channel monetisation can still receive rewards for their Shorts if they make an impact. YouTube are planning to reveal more information soon.

Monetizing YouTube Shorts

Speaking in the same blog post, YouTube described the importance of monetization of Shorts in future. As they begin to launch Shorts in more territories soon, they will also start testing adverts on them to understand how they work and affect performance and engagement.

YouTube mention: “We’ve paid more than $30 billion to creators, artists, and media companies over the last three years, and we remain deeply committed to supporting the next generation of mobile creators with Shorts.”

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