YouTube drop their requirements for Channel Memberships

Image Credit: YouTube

Creators on YouTube will be thrilled to hear that is now far easier to take part in exclusive subscription offers for fans with reduced requirements to be eligible.

YouTube have lowered the number of subscribers a channel needs to be able to offer Channel Memberships. Channels will now need only 1,000 subscribers to make us of the feature, whereas before they required channels to have 5,000 subscribers before being able to offer it to their fans.

YouTube’s Channel Memberships were announced in 2018 and offer an extra layer of commitment from fans and subscribers. The offering lets fans pay a subscription fee for access to unique bonuses like exclusive livestreams and content, shout outs from channel creators, and bonuses in chats like badges and emojis.

For those willing to pay the monthly $4.99 fee, it offers a route for them to truly support the channels they love. In an age of minuscule advertising revenue that is easily diminished even further by ad-blockers and tight restrictions on the type of content advertisers will associate with, the offering provides a boon to creators who make a living from their YouTube content.

The lowering of YouTube’s restrictions offers huge potential to smaller creators who may have a dedicated following but one that isn’t big enough to earn from views alone. YouTube have been singing the praises of the feature’s success, writing: “In 2020, YouTube creators earned over 4x as much revenue from channel memberships compared to 2019.”

Find out more about launching your own Channel Memberships here.

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