YouTube have quietly launched a new feature that promotes getting all YouTube users creating with the latest trends.

YouTube are encouraging users to create YouTube Shorts with a quiet new feature. In a drive to promote the biggest trends and promote the music that’s making it, YouTube have introduced new promo cards.

These cards present a trending song to users in the YouTube app. They want users to get involved by offering a simple button press to create a new Short using the song. They’re picking songs that are currently being reinvented in a Shorts trend.

We picked up on it after YouTube promoted ‘Who Can It Be’ by Men At Work in a card to us. YouTube write: “This transition trend is bringing sax-y back with Men at Work’s #WhoCanItBeNow.” They then make it easy to create a Short by joining the trend.

Seen on the YouTube app

YouTube Shorts have become huge with fans and creators alike. Shorts now average over 70 billion daily views and offer a huge source of success for video creators. More than 25% of the creators on the YouTube Partner Programme are now earning revenues from YouTube Shorts.

But Shorts aren’t just about the video-makers, they’re a music story too. Like TikTok, the platform that inspired Shorts, music is a huge part of YouTube Shorts. Artists have found success in Shorts by being featured in trends or used in a viral video.

All artists can upload their music to the YouTube Shorts library for use by creators around the world. Artists from all over the world have blown up after being featured in YouTube Shorts, TikToks, and Instagram Reels. It’s free to upload your music to all three short video platforms at