Spotify have carved their path into podcasts with a fierce push and now they’re opening their podcasts up to people outside of the Spotify app.

In the past couple years Spotify have transformed from being a leader in music streaming to become a multimedia powerhouse with one of the biggest podcast libraries. They’ve not only nabbed over 700,000 podcasts for their platform but made many notable purchases of podcast networks and platforms for creating and managing podcasts.

This has put them in a strong position not just to offer podcasts for listening, but with the exclusive access to many major series fans of certain content have to go to Spotify to get their fix. Perhaps not any more however, as Spotify have launched a new podcast API for developers to use.

What this excitingly means is that third-party developers can use their API to make Spotify’s podcast catalogue available outside of the Spotify app. It allows people to build new apps or integrate podcasts into existing apps so they’re accessible whilst still hosted and maintained by Spotify.

For people who love the podcasts that they can only find on Spotify, but for whatever reason don’t want to use their app, this is great news. It will also allow developers to get creative with offering certain podcasts based on themes or content. The podcasts will appear with the name of the show, episode titles, descriptions and podcast art all there for integration.

Spotify said in their announcement: “We can’t wait to see what developers will come up with using this API and watch how these new ideas and projects might serve our podcast creators and increase discoverability.

“And any innovation – whether it be an app that helps you share what you’re listening to with friends or a calendar integration that sets an alert for when your favourite show is expected to release a new episode – will ultimately provide listeners with more ways to experience your podcast.”