Primary Wave eye up blooming podcast industry with equity investment in Audio Up

Primary Wave Music Publishing have taken equity interest in a podcast production studio as podcasts spread like wildfire.

Primary Wave are a company of many interests. The company covers music publishing, the production of film and TV, managing talent between this industries, branding, digital marketing, playlisting, and no doubt more.

A new interest, with equity, in podcasting seems them work closely with Audio Up to expand their newly launched podcast studio. The new production company is led and founded by Jared Gutstadt (pictured above) of the music production agency Jingle Punks.

Primary Wave’s President, Justin Shukat says: “Jared has the unique ability to create, sell and cross-pollinate content like no other entertainment executive. This relationship will provide opportunity for us to incorporate and create new vehicles for our clients and songs from our roster of legendary catalogs.”

Primary Wave will provide publishing and administration for Audio Up’s new content as they enter the podcast space. Podcasts are huge right now and more services are picking them up all the time.

Since the huge success of Podcasts on Spotify there has been a big push in music services diversifying from a one-track platform for music alone. Companies like China’s huge Tencent Music Entertainment have begun to make themselves a multi-medium service.

Primary Wave’s COO, Ramon Villa adds: “From the infancy days of Primary Wave, we admired Jared’s entrepreneurial spirit in building an excellent disrupting business in music and content. Building on our relationship we are excited to now be true partners and to help feed Jared’s captivating creative energy in new content endeavors for all the Audio Up partners using Primary Wave’s growing catalog as a stepping stone.”

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