Who is the highest-paid artist on Spotify?

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Some artists are taking home a healthy check from Spotify, but who’s the highest paid?

As the music industry moves into the streaming era, which is currently dominating there are lots of questions about how much money musicians are taking home. This discussion has led to platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify improving their transparency to as how musicians make money through streaming. 

However, some artists are absolutely making a sweet paycheck from having their music on the streaming platform. So, this begs the question who is Spotify’s highest-earning artist? It may not come as a surprise to many but that artist is the Canadian rapper Drake, who is the platform’s highest earner by a long stretch. 

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Bear in mind this profit is just from one streaming service, and Drake’s music is available on almost all (if not every) major streaming platform. It’s safe to say Drake is having his wants and needs fulfilled (pun intended). 

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