What’s an EP and what does EP stand for?

While there is no standardised rule for how many tracks constitute an EP, it is important to know how many tracks we consider an EP for RouteNote Premium users.

In the music industry, EP stands for extended play. An EP sits between singles and full length albums. While there is no official rule for how many tracks are in an EP or how long one is, RouteNote Premium’s pricing consider EPs between two and six tracks.

RouteNote Premium is great for larger artists and labels, allowing them to keep 100% of their revenue. Premium is charged per release, with an additional $9.99 annual cost:

  • Single: 1 track – $10
  • EP: 2-6 tracks – $20
  • Album: 7-18 tracks – $30
  • Extended Album: 19+ tracks – $45

Alternatively, for smaller artists/labels and those just starting out, RouteNote also have a free model with zero fees or recurring costs, while you keep 85% of the revenue. Both Free and Premium distribution gives you access to all the same stores, streaming services, social monetization and additional marketing tools.

With RouteNote, you keep 100% of the rights to your music. You can freely move your music between free and premium as you like, or ask us to remove your release entirely.

What are you waiting for? Click here to signup for RouteNote and get distributing.

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    1. Do I need different cover art if I upload the EP ?
    2. I want to know that if I will upload EP, then the name of the EP will be different from my tracks. How I Add different Tracks Name .

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