What stores do UnitedMasters distribute to for free?

UnitedMasters offer free music distribution but only to a select number of stores. With RouteNote you can send your music to all of our partners, covering the top music services around the world, completely free.

Both RouteNote and UnitedMasters are in the business of free distribution, helping artists get their music heard around the world. However, for distribution to all of the biggest music streaming services, download stores, and social media sites you’ll have to pay extra with United Masters.

UnitedMasters only offer free distribution to Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, YouTube, and SoundCloud with 90% of the royalties going to artists. For distribution to any of their other partners you will have to pay. At RouteNote we offer free distribution to every single one of our partners and artists keep 85% of their royalties.

Artists will also have to pay to upload “as much music as you want” on UnitedMasters, but users can upload unlimited releases for free with RouteNote.

RouteNote are partnered with a number of huge global music services like eMusic, Nuuday, Kuack Media, Kanjian, MelOn, Bugs!, YG, and NetEase which UnitedMasters don’t offer distribution to whether on their free or ‘SELECT’ tier.

It is always the artist/labels choice which service suits them better. To find out more about what RouteNote can offer you, you can explore our website and sign up for free today. If you’re looking to switch from UnitedMasters to RouteNote, you can read our article on how you can easily switch distributors.

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